Neat Words

Its cheaper to collect words than books – its harder to copyright a word. Take that, public domain! Ha! If you’d like to see a much bigger collection of entertaining words, visit Forthright at The Phrontistery. The more obscure words on this list were most likely discovered on his site.

abditory – a secret hiding place for objects of value; the adjective for this word is abditive, which is also pretty neat.

avoirdupois – weight, or heaviness. Also, a system of measurements based off the pound which is still used in the US and some parts of Canada.

brephophagist – someone who eats babies

billingsgate – coarsely abusive, foul, or profane language; think of the drill sargeant from Full Metal Jacket

famulus – a private secretary, attendent, or intern

flapdoodle – foolish talk, nonsense; originally used as “the stuff they feed fools on”

flibbertigibbit – chattering gossip, a flighty woman (or devil, evidently)

martinet – a strict disciplinarian, a stickler for rules

palaver – unnecessary talk, a fuss, usually before or after a meeting

palfrey – a saddle horse, specifically for women

pulchritude – beauty: physical beauty (literary or humorous)
courtesy of Ben from Relevant Tangent

tyromancy – divination by cheese curds

weltschmerz (VELT-shmerts) – world weariness; pessimism, apathy or sadness felt at the difference between physical reality and the ideal state

zatch – female genitalia (much cuter sounding than “snatch,” I think)

zufolo – a small flute used to train songbirds


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  1. 1

    Ben said,

    pulchritude [púlkri tyood] noun
    beauty: physical beauty (literary or humorous)

    [14th century. From Latin pulchritudo, from pulcher ‘beautiful’.]

  2. 2

    Tildy said,

    Thats a good one! I remember using “pulchritudity” as a voice warmup in high school. Neat!

  3. 3

    Bum Cheek said,

    My fav word that my freind Invented is Schnicks Ticks…. hahah you say it instead of swearing if you hurt yourself … ya this is kinda a random post considering it is made up.. oh well. I do like Flap Doodle though!

  4. 4

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