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The weather is crap today. I made it my goal that I would actually get off my ass and walk the neighborhood today, getting all my errands done without driving, and its in the mid-20s with pelting rain. Darn you, weather systems! Im gonna do it anyway. Ha! that’ll show ’em.

I wanted to point out the new page Im working on for this blog. I don’t want to post any of my actual work up here, but I thought it would be okay if I showed some of my personal sketches that wouldn’t otherwise be seen by anybody. I get to share, huddled under the warm blanket of anonymity. Mm. Nice. This will also open up the floor for people to comment on my drawings who don’t actually know me – it’ll be interesting to see what kind of reception they’ll get if the commenter doesn’t know me personally. I am slightly nervous about that – most of my sketches are nowhere near done, and I tend to do a lot of heavy set women -I’ll need to toughen up my skin a bit. So there’s that.

Im getting excited about HNT tomorrow. Im wondering, how sexy should I go? Ive never done something like this before. Huh. Im gonna go shave.


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    echoworldin said,

    Great post dude !

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