Googling Me

A list of the words or phrases people have used to find my blog. Of the twenty or so I get a day, these are the ones that titillate and intrigue me. What were they looking for, exactly? I wonder if I helped. Probably not.

and cheezits for my little tummy
will alcohol stop me from getting a sixpack
holy crap Im freaking out
evil ex-girlfriend
how to stop him taking me for granted

it’ll be okay its just going to take some time
vomiting school stomach bug blog
movey sex
uptight control freak
tan vulva

sexy housekeeping
study done on ergonomically designed sofa
green oozing nipple
weird and painful pictures
ugly angry redheaded people

weirdest blog ever
freakishly long 2nd toes
albino people picture im feeling good
inadvertantly downloading pornography

paycheck went through the wash
he kinda did want a cookie
adjectives for donuts
handmade vagaina

day-old donut recipes
vagina dentata bakesale
racist white dominatrix
nekkid nerds
how to make goo

school smell
impounded banshee

don t ever ever ever give up


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  1. 1

    Ajikan said,

    out of curiostiy, how does one find out what people search for to find your site?

  2. 2

    Tildy said,

    WordPress gives me a list of phrases on my blog stats page.  Then, and Im sure there's an easier way to do it, I just copy/paste the phrase into google, then poke through til I see my blog title. If its the same day, Im usually on the 2nd page or so. If its an older phrase, I copy/paste it into my own little search dealie on my sidebar there.

  3. 3

    If you are hosting your blog on your own server (or paid hosting service) you are likely to have access to cPanel. This will show you the visits by search robots, referring sites, referring search engines and keywords used to find your blog.

  4. 4

    Tildy said,

    Oh how cool! Thanks, Geoff. I do enjoy web gadgets. 🙂

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