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I am an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, smothered in secret sauce.

1. I cried like a little whiny baby on the ride home today.  Except for my jaw doing weird things, I feel a little better.

1.5. Flexeril KICKS ASS.  14 (super cute, Monopoly house shaped) pills left.

2. My heart hurts.  Looking at how beautiful the clouds can be pushed me over the edge.

3. A co-worker and I shared fart stories this afternoon to lighten the mood.

4. Somebody tell me a happy story.  Anybody?  I’ll pay you.

5.  I thought James got kidnapped by the DMV today.   Not too seriously, but it was a concern.

6. That’s all.  Im tired of venting; this one’s gonna be short.

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Guinea Pig

Class tomorrow.  There will be a probably long, most likely esoteric password protected post forthcoming.  Ive been thinkin, ya see.  Until then, here’s a guinea pig.  Click on it if you want to see it huge.


On the knitting front, things are chugging along with Genevieve’s mittens.  I tried drunk knitting (peppermint schnapps and chocolate soy milk…mmm) for the first time last night, and except for the regrettable “I’m going to change colors just because I think its time and Im not going to look at the pattern” episode, all is going well.  I figured out I need to buy new needles for Bruce, which gives me a chance to get some Addi Turbos!  Yay.  Theyre like butter, tell you what – I feel like a knitting superhero when I use them, I go about five times faster.  The clicky sound is quite satisfying, too.

Ive got homework to do, and a kitchen to clean.  Oo, and a sketch for James, and cooking for the week.  I better get going.

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Protected: Brand New Update: Im only a little screwed.

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