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Mr. Maruchan just bought a boat ‘cuza me.

Well its been a few days and there haven’t been any more scary google phrases.  Im still trying to figure out how the words they used pointed to my blog… it turned out my About page was my undoing, so I redid the wording a bit.  Hopefully that will prevent more anonymity scares – or, at least, prevent some.  Im sure I’ll freak out about it again.

How do ya’ll like the new template, by the way?  It’s a little brighter than I’d like, but awful cute.   Im really liking the tree.

Hm.  Vague.  Unidentifiable detail.  Hm.  I can do this.

Maybe one of you could explain to me why Ive been eating like a freak lately.  Im exhausted as all hell – due to the medicine change last week my sleep hasn’t been very regular.  I usually try to get eight hours a night (Im a bedbug doncha know) and this past week Ive been getting maybe four.  Im also, ahem, living in filth.  Except for a valiant attempt last week where I did a load of dishes, I haven’t cleaned the apartment in over two months.  I usually stay pretty clean, but there are articles for my thesis all the hell over the place.  In the kitchen, the living room, my laundry pile, the bedroom, and even, and gosh this is embarressing, the bathroom.  I was multitasking.


Im basically living in a forest of flattened, bleached, academically stamped trees.

Which leads me to my whole food situation.

Ive eaten nothing but ramen for the past week.  I love cup noodles with every inch of my salinated body.  There’s something amazing about pouring hot water into a disposable bowl, waiting, then eating 300 calories worth of carbohydrates and salt (and a few dehydrated corn bits, mm hm) and not having any dirty dishes to clean up.  Except the fork.  So I bought some plastic forks.  Done and done.

Hell, Im eating ramen right now.  Chicken.

This might be why Im gaining some weight back.  I think I need to figure out healthy food to eat thats crazy conveniant and doesn’t involve peanut butter.  And doesn’t use any dishes.  I figure since school has let out I’ll have this weekend to clean and work on some money making strategies, then go all out and buy me some apples.  Oo!  Or bananas!

That will be a wondrous day.   I’ll tell you about it, in vague unidentifiable detail, when it comes.

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Protected: Brand New Update: Im only a little screwed.

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I can turn left now.

Ive been fighting off a cold for about a week now; things were going well, I could still go to school and my internship and although I had a had time breathing I was still okay. That all fell apart this weekend. My goodness. It’s like my body self-destructed. I don’t think I’ve been this sick in years.

I wonder if it was the flu shot I got on Thursday – I haven’t had one in 14 years, I used to get a localized allergic reaction to it, but then my doctor told me I had most likely grown out of it and I should try again. So I did. My arm didn’t fall off or nuthin.

The next day, the shit began. The Shit. My goodness. Don’t ever look up WebMD when you have a cold – I’m now fairly positive I have strep throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and otitis media with effusion. I’m kind of worried about my ears – they hurt like hell in a full, itchy sort of way, and I just noticed I have the volume pushed all the way up on my computer… methinks I’m deaf.

I made an appointment for a walk in clinic yesterday. It was about 10 miles from my house. Pulling out of the driveway, my car started making a horrible, rocks in a rock tumbler sort of noise. Ive been pushing my luck with my poor car – to get to internship I’m driving over 400 miles a week, and I haven’t had a left turn signal since August. I pull over and check my oil and coolant – everything looks okay. Having exhausted my car knowledge, I decide I can make it to the doctors than go straight to a car place to have it checked out. The engine was still making awful noises, but I figured I was okay.

Then I got lost.

Then the noises got louder.

Then my hood started smoking.

I pull over and call AAA. Five hours later my poor car is locked up next to my mechanic, I’m in a Pontiac Vibe, I’m $240 poorer, and I still hadn’t been to a doctor. I have two, at least two papers due Monday and I was planning on working all Saturday to get em done… instead, I spent the whole day in a smoking car, a tow truck, a taxi, and a butt ugly hatchback without getting anything done.

I was doing okay, though. I was tired and felt sick, but I was okay. I came home to rest up, and decided to venture out into the mucky wet that is The North to go to a pharmacy and get some sudafed and soup.

Did you know that sudafed is prescription only now? Not everywhere, just in this meth addled stupid stupid stupid state.

It broke me. I bought my soup, got back in the rental (the inside is really nice, all shiny and round), and called my mom. A minute into talking with her I start crying. Crying definitely helps clear your sinuses, by the way.

Driving back home I realized that even though Ive had a craptacular day, I was secretly excited to have a left turn signal again. I flaunted my left turning abilities – every right turn turned into three left ones just so I could show it off. It was nice. That car is growing on me.

I’m off to find me a doctor. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Im back from the doctor!  And Im not dying.  Woo!  Ive got a cold, and official permission to not go to school or internship until Wednesday.  Im going to hang the hell out the rest of the day.   Hope everyone is doing well.

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