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I love my boyfriend.  A lot.

We just had our fourth Valentines Day as a couple – every other year he’s given me a whole bunch of long stemmed red roses.  He saw a winner and he stuck with it, smart man.  This year, he did something even sweeter.

He bought me a thesaurus!

He was saying that he thought that flowers were a little too transient, that they wilted too quickly, so he gave me something that would last.  What I tell ya?  Smart man.  I mentioned to him a few weeks beforehand that I needed to get a better thesaurus, the papers Ive been writing for class were getting ridiculously repetitive.  There’s only so many ways to say the same thing for weeks at a time (woo lesson plans!).

Over the past week, I have incorporated the words “rigamarole” into a long ass bitch fest, “whiz-bang” to describe a morning at the intern site, “flummuxed” at least three times, “buffaloed” once, and have called James an “inveigler” on more than one occasion.  He in turn has decided to declare me a strumpet.  My favorite entry of all?  Making out.  Ahem.  We could use necking, petting, spooning, smooching, lollygagging, canoodling, playing kissy-face or kissy-kissy or kissy-poo or kissy-huggy or lickey-face or smacky-lips, pitching or flinging woo, sucking face, or swapping spit.  I particularly enjoy “flinging woo.”  Never heard that one before.

I got him the Firefly comic.  It wasnt amazing, but he liked it.

In other news, I have developed one hell of a case of TMJ.  Oh, the crappiness.  There’s no connection to the rest of this entry – although it would be cool to say I got TMJ from smacky-lipping – but I just thought Id mention it.  Im going to the doctor tomorrow, don’t worry.

As if you needed further proof that James is the best boyfriend ever, cause you don’t cause he is, he’s out on the town tonight with a whole bunch of friends.  A little backstory… James and I, we’re not that social.  Im usually holed up in the grad school purgatory that is my little study area and he’d much rather curl up with a book than go out somewhere and end up spending money on booze he’ll just pee out in a few hours.  Given our telephonic relationship, we spend most of our nights doin’ our thing (thang?) on the phone, talking for about two hours before we go to bed.

Tonight,  he has called me from the bar two times to check in, let me know how everybody was doing, let me know when he was planning on getting home.  Then he told me he loved me.  In a bar.  Surrounded by his friends.   He isn’t ashamed of it at all – he’s all about the lovin and I admire him for it.  I still have to resort to the “back at ya” response when Im in front of other people, I get too red-faced to be an adult about it.

He’s neato.

Im going to go wrap my face in a hot something or other, take some advil, find me a mouthgaurd and get the hell to bed.  One more day before the weekend one more day before the weekend…


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Writin’ on a plane, doot doot doo…

Well this is an exciting day in the life of my nerdom. I’m on a plane going to my Hometown (gonna see the parents for Christmas, then get the hell out of Dodge and see James for New Years), and not only do I have a cute little laptop setup on my foldy tray, Ive also got some iPod rip off white earbuds in listening to Gnarls Barkley. Wow I’m an ass, huh. Nice.

Obviously it would be horrible if I were attempting to get online while the plane is in the air – Id either be swimming in credit card debt by the end of the flight or Im somehow, oh so sneakily and nefariously hacking into the navigation system and checking all my blogs while the pilots freak the hell out (“Where are we going?! Mayday! Mayday! Our radar seems to be a sex blog!”) – so I’m typing this up in Word, which is severely cramping my whole “writing wittily” thing and putting me into a more “let’s reference esoteric articles” mood, so I’ll probably keep this short. Course, Im going to be in the air for another 2 hours so I guess I should come up with something.

I would just like to say that I think two sentences ago might be the most flagrant abuse of run-on that Ive ever attempted. My god woman learn to use periods. Also? I love the word “nefarious.” It’s not in my regular rotation, yet I’ve used it four times today. I think its ready for a comeback.

On the first leg of this trip, I sat next to a congenial older lady in a purple peek-a-boo shirt, bright red hair with 3 inch grey roots, and breath that smelled of brandy. Next to her was a 6’4” earnest, business man type, probably my father’s age, who commiserated with me on the tininess of the seats . Evidently he goes on business trips almost every week and the cheapskates who employ the poor guy cant upgrade him to at least business class – hell even requesting a fire seat would have been a kindness.

The lady was my favorite. She had such a sweet smile , a charming honker of a snore, red dyed eyebrows, and slightly crossed eyes that crinkled up when she laughed. She also might have pneumonia, that cough of hers was scarily gooey. We bonded over snack mix.

The last time I flew anywhere, I was meeting a friend in a mutually sentimental spot for a road trip. – it was only five or six months ago but it feels like decades. I actually got nervous getting to the airport – I read the oh so friendly travel tips that accompanied my itinerary and showed up at the airport 3 hours early, I packed enough food, a pillow, and a thin blankie in my backpack in case I got stranded in my layover, and ran through that security checkpoint like my undies were on fire.. I ended up getting to my gate 2.5 hours early. I live in the middle, baby.

I think this is because of the metamorphosis that occurred over the past few months. Im not the same person – Im engaged, for one thing, which caused a spurt in my maturity that I wasn’t expecting.

God I wish I had Sims 2 on this thing.

Sorry. Got distracted there. What was I talking about?

Right. I feel more adult that child now, which is new. I certainly don’t feel like a full blown grown up, but Im definitely not a kid. Im regularly wearing moisturizer now, for fuck’s sake. And not because I want to prevent wrinkles, no! It’s to slow down the crevices that suddenly appeared on my forehead. Where the hell did those come from? There’s also the emotional stuff; all my therapy is finally clicking with me, things are making more sense to me, Im not bereft if I have an otherwise forgettable but not necessarily perfectly polite interaction with everyone Ive ever met (that’s pretty huge), I can yell at james and he can snipe at me and I know we’ll be okay… Im not sure how I feel about all of this, but I think its good. I feel so much more confident than Ive ever been.

Somehow that translates into me freaking out about a short plane trip. Hm. Makes sense in my head.

Okay Im going. I’ll read this over when I get home (hee hee!) tonight, make sure I made at least some sense then post this puppy. Merry Christmas, everybody.

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Where Pride Meets Common Sense and sucker punches her kidney.

This hurts me, just a little bit, to look at.

Slide into Obscurity

That, my friends, is my blog stats from the last week. Since Ive gutted my blog, my page views have gone from around 80 people a day… to four. Hi guys! Way to hang in there.

Im not changing anything and I like my private options (Ive been writing more of those – email me if you want to read them. Ive been meeting a lot of nice people that way!), but I didn’t realize I was so prideful about this. Who knew? I’m a stats whore.

Life is looking good, in the real world where Im three dimensional and non-text. I had an honest to goodness weekend these past few days, and got a whole hell of a lot done. Ive been working on a lot of Christmas presents, drawings and knitting mostly, and also had a chance to go to a super cool Craft Extravaganza, chock full of hipsters and their wares. Puppies giving the metal sign on too-tight t-shirts, leather flowers on grown-up headbands, lots and lots of dark, moody paintings with distorted appendages, duct tape wallets, and so forth. …then I went to Target.

Slightly different experience.

Im going back to my internship site tomorrow, and I’ll be there for the rest of the week, then HEY! Another weekend! I don’t know how you grown up people with those fabled 9 to 5 jobs ever get used to that. It’s pretty darn fantastic.

Hope everyone is doing well. I’ll be back soon.

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Mr. Maruchan just bought a boat ‘cuza me.

Well its been a few days and there haven’t been any more scary google phrases.  Im still trying to figure out how the words they used pointed to my blog… it turned out my About page was my undoing, so I redid the wording a bit.  Hopefully that will prevent more anonymity scares – or, at least, prevent some.  Im sure I’ll freak out about it again.

How do ya’ll like the new template, by the way?  It’s a little brighter than I’d like, but awful cute.   Im really liking the tree.

Hm.  Vague.  Unidentifiable detail.  Hm.  I can do this.

Maybe one of you could explain to me why Ive been eating like a freak lately.  Im exhausted as all hell – due to the medicine change last week my sleep hasn’t been very regular.  I usually try to get eight hours a night (Im a bedbug doncha know) and this past week Ive been getting maybe four.  Im also, ahem, living in filth.  Except for a valiant attempt last week where I did a load of dishes, I haven’t cleaned the apartment in over two months.  I usually stay pretty clean, but there are articles for my thesis all the hell over the place.  In the kitchen, the living room, my laundry pile, the bedroom, and even, and gosh this is embarressing, the bathroom.  I was multitasking.


Im basically living in a forest of flattened, bleached, academically stamped trees.

Which leads me to my whole food situation.

Ive eaten nothing but ramen for the past week.  I love cup noodles with every inch of my salinated body.  There’s something amazing about pouring hot water into a disposable bowl, waiting, then eating 300 calories worth of carbohydrates and salt (and a few dehydrated corn bits, mm hm) and not having any dirty dishes to clean up.  Except the fork.  So I bought some plastic forks.  Done and done.

Hell, Im eating ramen right now.  Chicken.

This might be why Im gaining some weight back.  I think I need to figure out healthy food to eat thats crazy conveniant and doesn’t involve peanut butter.  And doesn’t use any dishes.  I figure since school has let out I’ll have this weekend to clean and work on some money making strategies, then go all out and buy me some apples.  Oo!  Or bananas!

That will be a wondrous day.   I’ll tell you about it, in vague unidentifiable detail, when it comes.

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