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Today?  I knitted.


My friend Genevieve sent me some super cute toe socks, fuzzy socks (which Im wearing right now, mmm pink), AND a Regina Spektor cd.  In return, Ive started the first… eh, half inch of her mittens.  I will finish these, oh yes I will.  I was delayed a week after we made this deal, the yarn shop was inexlicably closed for business for a full six days after two days of snow.  I got this stuff on Tuesday, started it on Wednesday, and worked for about two hours on it today.  Im new at this whole knitting thing, its fun but it takes a while.  She’s neat.  She told me she had sensitive skin so I went for a pure cotton-from-Australia skein… Ive never worked with cotton before – its not as flexible as wool so I feel like my hands are getting a workout as I do it, its kinda neat.  I’ll have pincer strength like a god by the time Im done.  The cuffs are going to be this color, and the hand is going to be an even brighter green… when I finish.  I WILL FINISH, BY GOD.

I also made a swatch for my super complicated cardigan, hereby known as Bruce.  It will be my magnum opus for 2007.  This is the lace pattern called “phoenix”, after half-assedly blocking it with thumb tacks, a hand towel, and a $10 iron.


I’ll keep ya’ll updated, if you want to hear about it or not.  Ha!  Soapbox!


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I have to get going to get to work here, but I wanted to show you the new sketch that I’ll have up on my little page over there. This is what happens when you have me waiting for a table, I forgot to bring a book, I scrounge around my coat pockets and hallelujiah find a pen, and discover an almost-empty waiter pad under the table. These people were gallently trying to enjoy each other across the room from me, but Im pretty sure none of them wanted to be there. They ended up sitting right behind me once I got to eat.


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Procrastinatory Linkage

On my last break of the night. Watch me go… Ive got these ordered from most to least… what’s the opposite of shame?  Less shame? (Anybody who can cite that quote, and I want the episode, will get a fabulous prize).

Them’s be GALAXIES, people!  Click here to see what the hell youre looking at, and further ruminations on the amazement that is what we thought was empty space but is actually existential manna.

Not work safe, by any stretch, but MY GOD HOW GORGEOUS.

Twenty tidbits about Sesame Street

Anybody know anything about this laptop?  I want it.  Im drooling over it.  But I hear it’s keys pop out and hit you in the eye, then it bursts into flames.  Any opinions?

Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown both agree: The monster mash is indeed a graveyard smash. This one makes my eye twitch a little bit.

And Im back to my homework. Part one of my thesis is due tomorrow, and Im about halfway done. This’ll totally work.

Wish me luck, ya’ll.

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