Guinea Pig

Class tomorrow.  There will be a probably long, most likely esoteric password protected post forthcoming.  Ive been thinkin, ya see.  Until then, here’s a guinea pig.  Click on it if you want to see it huge.


On the knitting front, things are chugging along with Genevieve’s mittens.  I tried drunk knitting (peppermint schnapps and chocolate soy milk…mmm) for the first time last night, and except for the regrettable “I’m going to change colors just because I think its time and Im not going to look at the pattern” episode, all is going well.  I figured out I need to buy new needles for Bruce, which gives me a chance to get some Addi Turbos!  Yay.  Theyre like butter, tell you what – I feel like a knitting superhero when I use them, I go about five times faster.  The clicky sound is quite satisfying, too.

Ive got homework to do, and a kitchen to clean.  Oo, and a sketch for James, and cooking for the week.  I better get going.


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    Ajikan said,

    mmm chocolate soy milk.

    show off. 🙂

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