Yet Another Refurbishing

Is that the right word for this? I’m not sure. What’s the word when they rip out the insides of a house to put in eco-friendly plumbing? Here’s the point, before I go to bed:

Instead of privating all my previous posts (Im still not sure how to turn “private” into a verb! I would like “privatizing,” but that’s been taken by capitalists. “Privating” is the best I can do right now. Any suggestions, logophiles?), I decided to password protect everything. This circumvents some technical trouble I was having, plus I get to further specialize who sees what post.

I’m putting out another announcement, for all of those who would like to read the protected posts down below – email me at TildyGrr/at/g-mail/dot/com (remove the dash and slashes, add periods where appropriate), let me know who you are, and I’ll give you a password. I have several passwords going for different layers of security, so please be as specific as you’re comfortable with so I know what password to give you.

Thanks for your patience, you guys. I’m pretty sure this one’ll work.


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