Overdue Paranoia

Hey guys!

So… looks like I gutted my blog, huh.

I set a LOT of my older entries to Private after I found some scarily specific google phrases pointing to my blog.  If you want to read them, email me at TildyGrr then put in an AT sign, then gmail dot com and after I make sure you’re safe I’ll set you up with a guest account.  If you are not a wordpress user, Im not sure you can sign in, but we’ll see how this works.  If this particular scary moment turns out to be me over reacting, I won’t privatize anything new I put up here, but everything I’ve privated so far will stay hidden.  Either way, Im gonna be a little more careful from now on.

Thanks for your patience with all this –



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  1. 1

    Magdelena said,

    You’re acting wisely, and I think such experiences are a reminder that our anonymity is fragile. Listen to your intuition and only ever do what feels right for you.

    With a lot of patience and even more love,


  2. 2

    Hmmm… after reading your post, I went back and looked at some of my entries. Probably not a bad idea to be overly cautious. I can think of many people I’d rather not have reading my blog (knowing that it’s me)! Better safe than sorry….

  3. 3

    Tildy said,

    Thank you for your reassurances, guys. Youre right, anonymity is a fragile thing and Im terrified of losing mine.
    Im trying to think up suitably vague but interesting entries so I can write again, but that’s harder than it looks! When I finally think of something postable this place’ll be up and running again.

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