I can turn left now.

Ive been fighting off a cold for about a week now; things were going well, I could still go to school and my internship and although I had a had time breathing I was still okay. That all fell apart this weekend. My goodness. It’s like my body self-destructed. I don’t think I’ve been this sick in years.

I wonder if it was the flu shot I got on Thursday – I haven’t had one in 14 years, I used to get a localized allergic reaction to it, but then my doctor told me I had most likely grown out of it and I should try again. So I did. My arm didn’t fall off or nuthin.

The next day, the shit began. The Shit. My goodness. Don’t ever look up WebMD when you have a cold – I’m now fairly positive I have strep throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and otitis media with effusion. I’m kind of worried about my ears – they hurt like hell in a full, itchy sort of way, and I just noticed I have the volume pushed all the way up on my computer… methinks I’m deaf.

I made an appointment for a walk in clinic yesterday. It was about 10 miles from my house. Pulling out of the driveway, my car started making a horrible, rocks in a rock tumbler sort of noise. Ive been pushing my luck with my poor car – to get to internship I’m driving over 400 miles a week, and I haven’t had a left turn signal since August. I pull over and check my oil and coolant – everything looks okay. Having exhausted my car knowledge, I decide I can make it to the doctors than go straight to a car place to have it checked out. The engine was still making awful noises, but I figured I was okay.

Then I got lost.

Then the noises got louder.

Then my hood started smoking.

I pull over and call AAA. Five hours later my poor car is locked up next to my mechanic, I’m in a Pontiac Vibe, I’m $240 poorer, and I still hadn’t been to a doctor. I have two, at least two papers due Monday and I was planning on working all Saturday to get em done… instead, I spent the whole day in a smoking car, a tow truck, a taxi, and a butt ugly hatchback without getting anything done.

I was doing okay, though. I was tired and felt sick, but I was okay. I came home to rest up, and decided to venture out into the mucky wet that is The North to go to a pharmacy and get some sudafed and soup.

Did you know that sudafed is prescription only now? Not everywhere, just in this meth addled stupid stupid stupid state.

It broke me. I bought my soup, got back in the rental (the inside is really nice, all shiny and round), and called my mom. A minute into talking with her I start crying. Crying definitely helps clear your sinuses, by the way.

Driving back home I realized that even though Ive had a craptacular day, I was secretly excited to have a left turn signal again. I flaunted my left turning abilities – every right turn turned into three left ones just so I could show it off. It was nice. That car is growing on me.

I’m off to find me a doctor. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Im back from the doctor!  And Im not dying.  Woo!  Ive got a cold, and official permission to not go to school or internship until Wednesday.  Im going to hang the hell out the rest of the day.   Hope everyone is doing well.


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  1. 1

    Little Red said,

    Same thing happened to me whilst taking a psychopathology subject. You don’t give a bunch of enthusiastic students a diagnostic & statistic manual of mental disorders. I was convinced I had a depressive & anxiety disorder, a handful of personality conditions & required a terrifying clinical treatment regime…turns out I’m just as un-extraordinary as anyone else with ordinary flaws.

    Glad to hear you didn’t lose any limbs.

  2. 2

    Little Red said,

    Oh and anything with pseudoephedrine requires photo ID here too (Brisbane, Australia). Meth is the new heroin.

  3. 3

    Tildy said,

    Hee hee! The same thing happened to me when I took some psych classes in undergrad. I actually went into therapy because I diagnosed myself (and all my friends and relatives) with everything the professor talked about; she told me its called Medical Student Syndrome.
    And thank you, by the way – my appendages appreciate your well wishes.

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