Road Notes

This is the end of the second day on the road.  God Im glad I did this.  My mood has improved I feel fucking fantastic, tons better than when I was in town.  Tons, I tell you!  My throat is a little sore from all the Very Loud Singing that Ive been doing, all those songs that Im a little embarressed to own and that none of my friends likes.  Folk music mostly,  plus a little light opera, the soundtrack to Rocky Horror, Everclear, and 80s cartoon theme songs (Duck Tales, Fraggle Rock, Captain Planet, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, etc).  Im glad I thought to get away for a while before this thing with James.  So!  Some thoughts.

– “Drop In on Linn – Mount St Helens Did!” = best welcome sign ever.  Kudos, Linn County! Thanks for taking the whole assload of ash dumping so friendly-like with some sign based humor.

– As of this afternoon, the dead deer on the side of the road count is up to 3.  Ive never seen that before.  One of them was staring at me.

– Live deer count?  One!  Yay.

– How does Idaho have both mountain ranges and swamps in the same quarter mile?
– The hills in Wyoming are gorgeous, they need to be watched with opera.  I could feel my chest open up a bit every time Id go over a hill and get a chance to see for I dont know how many miles, all golden straw underneath a perfectly complemented sky.  My goodness.  I started crying a little bit at one point – the colors, people, the colors!  No paint or watercolor or hell photograph can ever duplicate something that vivified with yellow.  You need life and sun, and they dont have that kind of paint yet.

– Driving twelve hours a day isnt as bad as I thought it would be.  My mind has ways of making the time go by faster… no not faster, more interesting.  I used to think of it as a sort of autistic mindset, now I think its more like meditation.  My mind just… goes blank.  And I feel good.  Thoughts and emotions kinda float by, some I play around with, but mostly Im just… there.  I catch myself smiling a lot.
– I have met a man with a fancy cowboy hat who lives in a tent down by the river, shared a Taco Bell combo meal with a homeless lady who is impressed with Spokane’s shelters (“They even make you shower before they feed ya!  That’s clean!”), and a woman who is hitchhiking with her dad from LA to Bozeman, which I think is in Montana.  I don’t know, Montana is later on in my trip – probably tomorrow or the day after.   Anyhoo.  It was the hitchhiking lady’s birthday today, and she’s enjoying it: her dad’s carrying all the bags.

– “With All the Organic Choices Out There, Why Choose METH?” is a handmade sign that sends a powerful message.  Im not exactly sure what the message is, but the painted bananas and howling wolf profile were lovely.

–  Ive been looking for wacky local radio, but the closest Ive come to it is a kid friendly program based out of Gillette, Wyoming.  Theyre encouraging families to participate in a month long “TV fast,” so no television for the entire month of August.  Seems like an interesting idea.  The dj suggested you buy a tivo and record all the stuff you want to watch in August then “overdose” in September. Hm.

– There’s something remarkably freeing about knowing your cell phone doesnt have a signal.

I’ll be back later – Im heading up through South Dakota and Montana tomorrow, hopefully get back into Washington two days from now.  Thats my plan, anyway.  Of course, my motel here has a casino… if you dont hear from me in a week assume Ive struck it rich on the lounge singer circuit.


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    Tricia said,

    Cell phone? No signal? Ach! Pooey!
    I would freak!

    You’ve been quite busy feeding the mouse in your brain haven’t you? Very good on ya sweetpea!

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