Freedom! Sweet Freedom!

Today marks my first day in a week of absolutely no work. No school, neither. I believe some might call this a “vacation.”

Its hard to believe, but yesterday just might be the very last day of retail I will ever work. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m not working this next year and then after that I’ll have a purportedly employable degree so my chances are fairly good I won’t be returning. Maybe I’ll get back into it after I graduate and before I find a job… wow that thought sent shivers down my spine. I’m getting ahead of myself.

The day went well. I played with a bouncy ball in the kid’s department, I got through the book I brought with me (review forthcoming on my little page up there), and generally bullshitted around until 5pm. The store manager came to talk to me, ask me about my plans, shook my hand and said “go home early.” I piled up my now empty plate of ginger snaps (so tasty!) and spent about 45 minutes wandering around the store saying bye to everybody. We’re going out drinking tonight.

After I made it to my car I realized this was my last day to get an employee discount. I skittered back into the store and bought $75 worth of stuff – on my credit card so it doesn’t count towards my budget ha ha… eh – which, to further rationalize it, would have cost over a hundred dollars if I waited until today. It was all the stuff you linger over as you’re straightening, promising yourself you’ll get it eventually, and so I did. Woo delayed gratification!

The sun was still shining after work, another anomaly, so I took a walk down to a park near my house to watch the dogs in the “unleashed area.” I am amazed with how friendly they are all together. In the two hours I spent watching only one dog yelped and “he’s just faking it, he likes the attention,” his owner told me conspiratorially. Dogs are great. One of them had a habit of running full out towards another dog (the other dog would do the same in several cases), not slowing down, head butting them in the chest, jumping over the fallen body and demonstrating wonderful follow-through – he’d just keep running for another 100 feet before loping back around to check on his friend. I was delighted. The owners were shocked – “he’s never done that before! Did you see that?!” I got to talk to some people, friendly dog people, which was refreshing after spending all of my time with classmates or customers. It was good to get outside.

Today I’m off to a rummage sale. Then, laundry. Then, drinking. I am going to wear shorts and a t-shirt, and not worry about how my hair looks. I am going to wear flip-flops, dammit! My dress code this week will be completely retail inappropriate.

I feel better than I have in months. Happy Sunday, everybody.


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  1. 1

    Jana Bouc said,

    Hey Tildy,
    Your writing is great. I meant to go to bed (well, I am in bed, but with laptop on lap) but checked my email, got your comment on my blog, had to check out yours, and I’ve been here reading for quite a while now. Your blog is like reading a good novel, except backwards. Thanks for dropping by mine…I’ll be back to read more!

  2. 2

    Tildy said,

    Wow, Jana, thanks! Youre makin’ me blush… 🙂

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