Links Update

I feel awful today. I got really sick really fast – I had some pretty bad dehydration, combined with my blood sugar goin' all crazy crazy, the entire upper eighth of me howling for a woefully overambitious workout today, and of course the nausea. Woo.

So, I decided Im not going to do HNT today. It was its anniversary, and I was all excited about being a part of that, but my God I feel hideous. Im going to try to do one tomorrow.

In the meantime, Ive reorganized my links there on the right. Im trimming down on blogs and websites I hardly ever visit, and putting up some pretty darn amazing art sites. To complicate matters, most of these art sites are not particularly work safe. Theyre gorgeous work (Ive always been a sucker for interesting compositions with a nice curvy body), but I could see how some might consider them slightly embarrassing to look at in a cubicle. After some thinking about it, Im going to go ahead and put them in "Art" rather than "Sex" because I feel weird touting these people as anything but artists. Looking at their work, I get the urge to sketch more than I do to squirm and call James.

I think everybody should look at James Mogul, he's got such a talent for making skin look glowy and edible. There is some light bondage, really gorgeous rope work on some, but the confidence and class emanating from his models is what's so hypnotic, you can't really look away.

Carolyn Weltman is amazing (her friends call her Sophi). It's these… drawings that are so… my goodness. She's so cool! So many wonderful curvy movey kinda lines, reminds me a bit of some of the sketch/caricatures Degas did. Course, she's not a pedophilic asshole. That I know of. Im sure she's quite lovely.

On the more subdued end of things, Waclaw Wantuch has some damn good pictures, tell you what. I have a thing for feet. Not necessarily in a fetishy sort of way, but just in general. Theyre fun. Theyre fun to draw and theyve got more personality than the person's face in some cases. He does things with feet that make me squeal. Unfortunately, his website is kinda wonky right now (one picture of his shows up on a black white screen, and thats it – unless Im missing something), but the link on his name takes you to a nice portfolio on the Olympus Camera website.

Okay! Im gonna go eat me more saltines. It's like momma's milk I tells ya.


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