Jury Duty

I am in a room full of ergonomically designed black leather chairs, three vending machines, lots of no-smoking signs, and about 300 grumpy citizens.  No wonder we've got such a high execution rate in this country – youre asking the jurors to get here at 7:30 in the morning and then ask em to decide somebody's fate?  Its ridiculous, I tells ya.

Ive been really busy lately.  I didn't even realize how many people had come to see my HNT on Thursday until about half an hour ago.  Jeez, guys!  130 people?  Thats crazy!  Im flattered and slightly self conscious.  Ive been trying to rationalize the risque factor of it by telling myself that plenty of respectable people have low cut shirts, and some of the more design unconscious have those that just show the center area and are able to walk out in public without getting arrested for indecency.  Still, Im flabbergasted that so many people have seen my sternum.  Its not embarrassment so much as a morning after type feeling.  Thanks for all the compliments, ya'll!  Im glad you like my ropes.

(Side note: I just put in White Light White Heat and Im getting stuck listening to The Gift.  My goodness this is hypnotically bad.  Poor Waldo… "little bits of red to pulsate gently in the morning sun…" no wonder James was hesitant when I suggested FedEx as a cheaper transportation alternative.  Eek.) 

Ive been here for two hours, and there's a good chance I'll be here til 5 tonight.  Thank goodness for wireless… I have tons of homework with me, and lots to study, but I can't be bothered right now.  Im just so sleepy.  I didn't get to bed until around 2 last night – James and I were talking and for some inexplicable reason Im incredibly peeved with him.  He hasn't done anything overt that I can clearly point to and say "this!  This is why Im grumpy!" and Im willing to bet it has absolutely nothing to do with him but there were several times last night that I wanted to punch him, not too soft, in the pectoral area.  Course I also wanted to throw my cat so I guess its me. 

I think Im handling the past few days fairly well – I had work Sunday 8-6 and made flash cards during all my breaks, I spent that night working about six hours on my final project in another class, and fell asleep trying to finish up a paper thats due for the third class.  Today Ive got jury duty until 5p, then Im driving directly to a friends house to go over previously mentioned flash cards, then I need to come home fairly early and finish the two papers I have due Tuesday.  Tuesday morning I have fieldwork from 8 to 12p, then need to drive to class for class at one, turn in those papers and make a twenty minute presentation on one of them.  Wednesday is the midterm Ive been studying for, then right after class I have minor dental surgery.  Woo!  

The next week doesn't look much better.  I knew this was coming and I knew it would be stressful, but hypothesizing how I'll do and actually going through with it is turning out to be one of the biggest underestimations Ive ever made.  Gah… I just have to keep up with stuff, as long as I work at least seven hours a day until Im done I should be fine.  Thats two or three hours a class, that's doable.  Right now Im averaging about ten hours a day, but I think that once the midterm is done with and my project for next week is turned in I'll be feeling much better.  Maybe I'll even have time to do the reading.  Maybe.

I have a post brewing about some more esoteric subjects, but right now Ive got such flotsom jamming up my head I think its all I can do to write long rambling posts about my schedule.  So mission accomplished there.

Heh.  I didn't do that on purpose, I promise.   Happy 3rd Birthday, flight suit moment.


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